EQuizy is a Revolutionary App That Helps To Do Multiple Choise Question Exams

This Mobile Application that allows you to play, create and share quizzes in a simple and intuitive way within you own groups or commuinities.

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All About the Equiz app!

The questionnaires created using EQuizy Webapp are in the form of interactive tests quizzes that may contain pictures and sounds with automatic scoring.Thus, you can create your own quiz, play it and share it for self-evaluation or even for entertainment


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Use the leaderboard to add an overview of responses to your questionnaire, so your respondents can see how their score compares to their peers or colleagues.

Show quiz score as a percentage

The score a respondent obtains is shown on your final screen by default as a fraction, e.g.: 3/5. You can select to Show quiz score as a percentage, e.g.: 60%. Find this in Quiz options.

View correct answer

When you turn this question into a quiz question, you'll see a text box where you can explain the correct answer.

Quiz Timer

Add the quiz timer to limit the time your respondents will have to complete each question. This way you can ensure that the user will not have enough time to search the answers on the web. You'll find this feature in the New Quiz section.

View question results

The feature view question results shows how many people answered the same way or differently. It can be interesting for respondents to see how other people answered the same question

Randomize questions

Randomize questions means that all of your questions will be shuffled in a random order every time someone opens the questionnaire. This can be useful for a quiz when you don't want respondents to look at each others' answers, as everyone will behave their questions in a different order.


User Friendly interface And Very Easy To Use EasyQuiz App

Set up fun, engaging, beautiful quizzes that people love to take in just a few clicks. Whether you’re building a classroom test, or a team bonding activity for your team, Easyquiz creation quick, simple, and painless.


User-friendly interface


How It Works

3 Easy Steps

Install the App

You can Download our EasyQuiz app on Google Play Store.We will release IOS version soon

Setup Your Profile

Create an Account using your email and passowrd or Simply you can user your Google Account for signup into this app

Enjoy The Features

If you want to create a quiz, you will need to sign up this website as well. Then you can create a quiz and share qui code with your friends, students and family memebers.Enjoy the App.

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Play engaging quiz-based games (EqsyQuiz) at school, at home and at work, create your own quizzes and learn something new! Brings the magic of learning for students, teachers, office superheroes, trivia fans and lifelong learners.


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